OP Financial Group picks Aiia as open banking partner


This week, we’re excited to announce that OP Financial Group has teamed up with Nordic API Gateway to build game-changing Open Banking solutions.

As the largest financial services group in Finland, OP Financial Group will collaborate with Nordic API Gateway to implement account information services (AIS) and account-to-account payments (PIS).

To take advantage of PSD2 and Open Banking, OP Financial Group saw it as a natural fit to team up with Nordic API Gateway to work on new innovative projects.

“We’re thrilled to provide OP Financial Group with our payment initiation and account aggregation services. With PSD2 in place, we’re happy that banks are leveraging Open Banking initiatives to benefit their customers,” Nordic API Gateway’s CEO, Rune Mai, says and continues:

“This also shows that Nordic API Gateway has built a strong technical solution that lives up to the compliance level banks are asking for. We’re happy to see OP Financial Group taking the first step towards implementing and leading these changes in Finland”. 

Taking the upper hand in a fast-moving industry  

There’s no doubt that PSD2 has created a strong competition for building the best customer experience. And the new partnership between OP Financial Group and Nordic API Gateway is a perfect example of that:

“PSD2 creates new opportunities for banks and challenges the industry to evolve. At OP Financial Group, we want to be a forerunner in utilising these opportunities. Customer experience, reliability and security are the most important factors for us when selecting new partners and developing our services,» says Masa Peura, SVP, Payments and Personal Finance Management at OP”

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