Consumer Lending

Enriched data insights for seamless lending decisions

Our open banking data solutions give you access to the real-time insights needed to make informed, fair lending decisions – allowing you to accept more loan applications, while mitigating the risks associated with underwriting and servicing those loans

Our modular insights platform gives you the ability to opt-in to multiple services with minimal integration, and to create tailored solutions that match your consumer lending needs.

Receive raw and categorised transactions including log, merchant name and category group across multiple accounts

Instant verification of bank account information, including account number and name with smart name matching and confidence scoring

Real time retrieval of available and booked balances across multiple accounts

Automated validation of an individual’s income in real-time with a standard text-based (JSON) format and PDF output.

Option to receive customisable behaviour insights (e.g. loan stacking, subscriptions, salary advances, BNPL uses, regular payments) on a one time or ongoing basis.

Capabilities to provide up-to-date, real-time spending habits of an individual

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Optimise onboarding, application, and underwriting processes

  • Increased conversion – through streamlining the onboarding, application and underwriting processes
  • Increased security – confidently know who your customers are, that they own their linked accounts and have the required funds
  • Improve operational efficiency – reduced processing time and decreased settlement, default and fraud risk

Increase credit access for underserved populations

  • Access to real time, accurate data beyond the traditional data sources 
  • Improve financial inclusion by enabling thin file, near prime customers, or new to country
  • Personalise your offer – identify premium customers and create personalised credit offers