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Customer onboarding

Confirm bank account ownership in real time with open banking

Account details are one thing, but is it the account of the person you’re expecting? With our advanced account owner verification tool, verifying the rightful owner of the account is accurate, fast and seamless.


Verify your customers’ identities with higher confidence and less friction while reducing account opening fraud and streamlining processes significantly. With our account owner verification tool, there’s no confusion — just confirmation.

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Data you can trust

Securely retrieve bank account details and account holder information, including the account holder name and the account number, with the explicit consent of your customer.

Sophisticated name matching

Our trusted algorithm matches the name submitted by your customer with the account holder name retrieved with our state-of-the-art open banking technology.

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A confident match score

Best of all? Our account owner verification tool provides you with a confidence score that produces a value between 0 and 1, denoting the strength of a match.

Explore the key benefits

Instant account owner verification

Reduce onboarding time and help meet growing consumer expectations in a digital world.

Turn applicants into paying users faster

Using trusted data methods to prevent costly manual errors and service user drop-off during onboarding.

Smoother payment setup

Instantly validate account ownership to help mitigate risk and prevent potential manual errors.

Take our account owner verification tool for a spin and see how easy it is to instantly validate account ownership with open banking