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Top-up payments

Build simpler, smarter and trusted payment experiences

Open banking transforms payment experiences, enabling instant funding into the chosen account — cutting down waiting times from days to seconds — so your customers can access your service faster than ever. With Mastercard as your trusted innovation partner, you can offer more payment choice to your customers and provide a seamless experience — increasing conversion and profitability to support your business growth.


Mastercard Open Banking Solutions support your business to initiate payments through a simple, secure payment API, bringing increased payment options for you and your customers, all through a single interface

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Fast, frictionless top-up payments

  • Our solution allows your users to top up their account directly in your environment using our streamlined payment experience to increase conversion.
  • Instant confirmation that your account has been funded.

Seamless experience through a single API

  • One simple API integration to connect to thousands of banks and multiple payment rails.
  • No need to worry about defining separate APIs for separate payment rails, such as instant payments, SEPA or domestic schemes. With Mastercard’s Open Banking Solutions, everything is possible through a single, secure connection.*

*Capabilities vary depending on open banking product.

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Protect your revenue

  • Open banking is a cost-effective solution with a fixed fee per transaction.

Mastercard Open Banking Solutions enables your customers to instantly fund their account in seconds with a service they can trust, for a whole host of top-up payment use cases:

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Digital wallet

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Investment account

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Pension fund

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Savings account

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Gaming account

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Credit card bill payments

Explore the key benefits

Boost conversion

  • Faster funding with full payment transparency allows users to top up in a few clicks and authenticate without the need for long forms or manual data entry.
  • Give users access to a seamless payment experience directly embedded into your payment flow.

Operational efficiencies

  • Easy onboarding through a simple API integration into your existing platform.
  • Increase conversion rates through a simple API integration and offer your users an easy-to-use, easy to understand payment experience they can trust.
  • Removes the risk of human error, as no payment details need to be manually entered by the payee.

Cost-effective solution

  • Top-up payments offer fixed-fee structures.

Expansion opportunities

  • With Mastercard’s global data and payments network and bespoke consulting services, partnering with us makes it easy for you to scale your business with confidence.

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