Bankdata empowers 1.7 million consumers with open banking


Owned by eight banks, Bankdata is one of the largest IT providers in the Danish financial sector. The platform provides core banking systems, card platforms, digital banking and much more to its member banks.

Bankdata recently teamed up with Aiia to make good on its promise to deliver competitive and future-proof banking solutions to its customers. 

We sat down with Kenneth Jes Juliussen, who’s responsible for the open banking initiative at Bankdata, to talk about why they decided to partner with Aiia – and how that partnership creates more value for the eight member banks. 

Delivering open banking to 1.7 million consumers

With the vision to be the leading digital partner for the banking sector in Denmark, Bankdata has partnered with Aiia.

Now, all eight member banks will be able to offer full access to account aggregation, as well as payment initiation, to more than a quarter of the Danish population with Aiia. And that will benefit both businesses and consumers, Kenneth explains:

“The partnership will speed up new open banking features for both businesses and consumers who’ll be able to add and pay with accounts from other banks, as well as get a full overview of their finances, regardless of the number of banks the customer might have.” 

Being at the forefront of opportunities

Since open banking was made part of Bankdata’s 2025 plan, Kenneth has been leading the Enable Open Banking initiative that’s one of Bankdata’s five strategic goals for 2025. 

According to Kenneth, these initiatives have been put in place to make sure Bankdata continues to offer high-quality solutions to its member banks: 

“The new partnership shows that we see changes as new opportunities – and that we want to be frontrunners in an open ecosystem,” he says and continues: 

“With open banking, we’re able to keep delivering on our promise to create, implement and run high-quality solutions for our member banks, and use the best technology in the field to increase competition and growth with the consumer in mind.”

Build or buy? 

Bankdata decided to partner up with Aiia instead of building the solution in-house. In this way, Bankdata was able to speed up the time to market significantly and stay ahead of competition. Kenneth explains: 

“With the partnership, we don’t have to build technology ourselves, and that speeds up the process significantly. Equally important, Aiia maintains the integrations and keeps the ball rolling, which is a great benefit for us and our member banks,” he concludes. 

Bankdata consists of Jyske Bank, Djursland Bank, Kreditbanken, Nordfyns Bank, Ringkjøbing Landbobank, Skjern Bank, Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn and Sydbank. Together, the eight banks serve more than a quarter of the Danish population. 

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