BEC and Aiia join forces to roll out open banking for 27 banks


Set to enable 27 banks and more than 2.1 million banking customers in Denmark with open banking, BEC now takes an important step towards offering open banking services with Aiia.

Over time, the partnership will give 20-30 percent of Danish banking customers the ability to see and pay with accounts from other banks as well as get a full overview of their finances across several banks.

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO of BEC, Jesper Nielsen, says: 

“We’re working hard to open BEC’s banking platform and are well underway with new partnerships established with globally leading technology partners in a number of areas. Through a strong partnership with Aiia, we’re now also able to develop innovative services that interact directly with accounts in other banks,” says Jesper.

He joined BEC in October 2020 and in March 2021 announced comprehensive changes to make BEC simpler, faster and more flexible through more collaborations in the financial sector and partnerships with other tech and fintech companies.

Choosing open banking that simply works 

The collaboration makes Aiia the preferred open banking partner for the majority of Nordic and European banks. Recently, the open banking platform struck a similar deal with another IT solution provider and will now be enabling more than 40 banks in the Nordics with open banking. CEO & Founder of Aiia, Rune Mai, says: 

“We’re proud to work with BEC on creating new open banking opportunities for more than two million personal and business banking customers across 27 BEC banks. With more than 50 years of experience, BEC is one of the most well-known providers of financial technologies in the Nordics,” he says and explains further:  

“Being able to do partnerships like this clearly shows that our focus on implementing compliance is at the core of our DNA, and delivering high-security standards with a privacy-by-design approach allows us to empower the largest players in the financial sector. With the collaboration, we now enable more than 80 percent of the Danish banks with open banking services which match our ambition to be the preferred open banking advisors for financial institutions across Europe during 2021,” Rune Mai concludes.

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