For private customers

  • As an ICA Banken private customer you can log in to the bank (browser & app) via Mobile BankID as well as Digipas devices “kort&dosa” and “personlig dosa”.
  • As of now, ICA Banken only provides authentication via Mobile BankID, in their Open Banking/API channel.
  • You can get access to all your valid payment accounts at ICA Banken.
    • This applies to transaction accounts i.e account with one or two account holders (joint accounts) as well as accounts connected to a card, (such as ICA Bankkort Maestro, ICA Bankkort and ICA Bankkort Plus).

For Business customers

  • ICA Banken offers banking services primarily to private customers and do not offer corporate accounts (for companies outside the ICA Group) or APIs. Corporate accounts are therefore not included in ICA Bankens PSD2 Open API services.