For private customers: 

  • OP offers web and mobile-based digital services for customers using a private login.
  • For web-based online banking, you log in using the combination of:
      1. An online service user ID, password and mobile key. 
      2. An online service user ID, password, key card list and SMS one-time password.
  • For mobile banking, you can activate a mobile key which can be used with the online service user ID.
  • All payment accounts, where the user is the owner of the account, are accessible through PSD2.
  • AIS service might show accounts from which payments are restricted in all channels.

For Business customers: 

  • Business customers log in the same way as private customers.
  • Business customers need to sign a separate contract for an online service user ID, needed as user credentials.
  • All payment accounts accessible in OP’s web and mobile bank are accessible through PSD2.
  • It should be noted that you might not have the rights to initiate payments from the account, even in the bank’s service. As a result, in the PSD2 channel you will only have access to the AIS service, but not to PIS/CBPII.


For OP Corporate customers:

  • If you are a corporate customer you need to keep in mind that if you are not the account holder, you will need additional access rights than the account holder (i.e. the company) to confirm requests sent by any registered/authorised Third Party Provider.
  • You can find instructions to the other access rights registrations on OP’s website.

This information is based on communication between OP Financial Group and us. If you find contradictory information, please let us know.