The cookie settings, cookie blockers or even the browser you use can sometimes cause a failure or error to occur while using Open Banking. Interaction with Mastercard Open Banking Europe is based on the sharing and exchange of information, any applications or settings blocking this flow of data might cause a failure or error.

If you suspect that your cookie settings or a cookie blocker you installed could be the reason for your inability to have a smooth experience, we suggest trying to use a different device to test if this is the issue. Try to use a laptop or pc with no changes to the cookie settings and no cookie blocker apps installed.

If you use a global cookie blocker or tracker and you encounter a failure or error, it might be a good idea to temporarily disable these.

If you have browser specific cookie settings, you could try a different browser that has unaltered default browser settings. For example: Some Safari users have benefited from turning off the “Block All Cookies” setting.