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Do I need a license to use Aiia Enterprise?

Markus March 13, 2024

The short answer is: Yes. To use Aiia Enterprise, your company must be a registered Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and/or a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP). To become a registered service provider, you must comply with the rules set by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) in the country you’re operating in. If you have […]

Sharing of Data

Markus March 4, 2024

Privacy by design It’s integrated into everything we do and in all the products we design. It’s our promise that the steps we take and the solutions we make will never perform an action that the person sharing data didn’t want or expect. No data is shared without your consent.

Information Mastercard Open Banking support needs to better help your users


To enable the Mastercard Open Banking support agents to successfully support you, we need as much information as you can share. Here are the most commonly asked questions by support agents: Please let us know where you are trying to log in. What type of error or message are you receiving?  Which bank are you […]

Sweden: Skandia


For private customers:  Skandia private customers can log in using a Swedish Personnummer and Mobilt BankID. The retail products private customers can access through PSD2 are: “Allt i Ett-konto” (Transaction account, typically used for everyday transactions and bill payments).  “Sparkonto” (Typically, a savings account. Only domestic transfers possible, no bill payments etc.). No fixed-rate accounts […]

Sweden: ICA Banken

Markus February 29, 2024

For private customers As an ICA Banken private customer you can log in to the bank (browser & app) via Mobile BankID as well as Digipas devices “kort&dosa” and “personlig dosa”. As of now, ICA Banken only provides authentication via Mobile BankID, in their Open Banking/API channel. You can get access to all your valid […]

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