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Sweden: Skandia

Markus March 4, 2024

For private customers:  Skandia private customers can log in using a Swedish Personnummer and Mobilt BankID. The retail products private customers can access through PSD2 are: “Allt i Ett-konto” (Transaction account, typically used for everyday transactions and bill payments).  “Sparkonto” (Typically, a savings account. Only domestic transfers possible, no bill payments etc.). No fixed-rate accounts […]

Sweden: ICA Banken

Markus February 29, 2024

For private customers As an ICA Banken private customer you can log in to the bank (browser & app) via Mobile BankID as well as Digipas devices “kort&dosa” and “personlig dosa”. As of now, ICA Banken only provides authentication via Mobile BankID, in their Open Banking/API channel. You can get access to all your valid […]

Why is my bank not on the “Choose Bank” list?

Sangeetha Kallamplakkal Gopalakrishnan

After choosing to add a bank account you will be taken to the following screen: You need to select the country you are in and choose the bank which has the account you want to add. If your bank is not shown, you can search for the bank in the search bar.  When your bank […]

Is Mastercard Open Banking PSD2 compliant?

Markus February 22, 2024

Mastercard Open Banking Services Europe is fully PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) compliant. We adhere to all EU legislation and this includes PSD2. Compliance and security is what we are all about. We gather and monitor APIs from European banks into one single API. So when a bank updates their API, we swap out the […]

Mastercard Open Banking Operational Status


You can empower yourself and your company, by subscribing to the Mastercard Open Banking Europe Operational Status site. Get email notifications whenever incidents are created, updated or resolved.   Go to our Operational Status page and click on the SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATE button.

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