What to do and who to contact when you see an error message on your screen.

To help understand and find the cause of the error you can ask yourself these questions:

  • Where did I log into? 
    • My bank, a specific application…
  • What does the error message say? 
    • Make a screenshot or write it down.
  • Is it a private or business account you are trying to access?
  • Did you use the correct email connected to this login?
  • Did I use a mobile phone or iPad to log in?
  • Which internet browser am I using?


  • Log out of the current session and keep all the above in mind when you log in again.
  • If this does not work; try a combination of, or one of the following:
    • Log in from a laptop or desktop computer, sometimes mobile phones have trouble connecting to the App you are trying to log in to.
    • Try to log in using a different browser. (Example: If you use Google Chrome then try Safari, or vise versa)

Still not working?

Now it is time to contact the support line of the App you tried to log into.