For private customers:

  • To log in:
    • You can use BankID in Sweden
    • You can use BankID or Encap thumbprint in Norway
    • You can use MitID or Encap thumbprint in Denmark
  • These are the login credentials needed:
    • You need BankID as a Swedish customer
    • You need BankID or Encap thumbprint as a Norwegian customer
    • You need MitID or Encap thumbprint as a Danish customer
  • Private customers does not need to sign or otherwise accept specific open banking terms or agreements, you only need to sign in with a BankID.

    For business customers: 

  • Entercard does not provide any business customer payment accounts applicable for exposing the account information to PSD2 TPP in accordance with PSD2.


This information is based on communication from Entercard to us. If you find any contradictory information, please let us know.