For private customers: 

  • For a private login,log in the same way you do when using the Internet Bank. Log in using: e-ID and Bank codes for Ålandsbanken Finland and for Ålandsbanken Sweden you need to use Mobile Bank ID or Bank codes. 
  • As user credentials, you need to have an agreement for digital services. When entering such an agreement, you get Bank codes and e-ID (Finland) or Mobile Bank ID (Sweden). 
  • You don’t have to sign up for specific Open Banking terms or agreements. You only have to sign up for our digital services. 
  • The products Ålandsbanken has access to through PSD2 are your accounts available in the Internet Bank; both to see the accounts and to make payments from them. For an AISP, your cards are also available. You can see them and get transactions, but can’t make payments with the cards. Here you can see which API’s are available:

For Business customers: 

  • Generally, Ålandsbanken currently do not include business customers in its Open Banking solutions. However, accounts you have access to right now are included in Open Banking.  A private customer can use business accounts In Open Banking, if the customer has access rights to the account.

This information is based on communication from Ålandsbanken to us. If you find contradictory information, please let us know.